I’ve read and listened to a great deal of accounts from Muslims and non Muslims, both comical and spiritually enriching. I can take away some degree of good from many such accounts.

But today, in discussing the global response by governments and their widespread mishandling of the calamity, I came to a new conclusion. Not necessarily one that exists mutually exclusive to others nor does it necessarily challenge other good perspectives, it’s just another paradigm that I came to think of today in exploring the topic.

My friend was saying, and I agreed, that there has been a shambolic and gross mishandling of the crisis. There is widespread confusion amongst global societies as to what they should be doing to protect themselves and their loved ones. From washing groceries before storing to wearing or not wearing a mask; there is a lot of confusion and a lack of clear direction from world leaders both in economic and health related matters. The situation is evolving, we are walking in the dark, the blind are leading the blind, take your parabolic pick of descriptives.

But today, I am questioning whether it is even fair to expect clarity and a full, stable, control and grip of the situation from human beings? And are there not some crises during which we are called to remember and know Allah in a new capacity?

When Nūh (AS) was called to build an ark while the rest of his nation dismissed and rejected his calls to guidance, were they even capable of avoiding the floods that encompassed them?

When Musa (AS) marched his people through the parted seas and the seas eventually crashed back together engulfing Firaun and his armies, was there a lack of clear leadership or capability of Firaun to have avoided that calamity (except by submission to God)?

There are some calamities that unravel the very fabric of societies. Those societies who think that they are impenetrable. Are we not reminded when we see an utterly shambolic global human response to this crisis, that ultimate power and control is in Allah’s hands? And thus, ultimate success, clarity and deliverance from all calamities is beheld only by those who truly submit to Allah, rely on Allah and trust in Him alone.

The human mishandling of this crisis is a reminder that Allah is the best handler of our affairs. Really puts into perspective the relationship between Creator and His Creation. The limited and the Limitless.

Are we on the ark with Nūh (AS) or deceived in thinking we are standing on a mountain that will not be engulfed by the raging oceans?

Are we following Musa (AS) or Firaun?

Are we submitted to the limited faculties, knowledge and wisdom of human beings or are we submitted to the inescapable, all encompassing, astounding knowledge of Allah that rests in the realm of the Unseen, that guides us through that which is blind to us and delivers us from everything?

Look beyond what is apparent and you can truly discover and access a depth of peace that is unparalleled with what humanity is capable of offering.