You think the ground beneath my feet doesn’t crack?

It does

You think my heart has not known pain?

It has

You think my shoulders don’t feel burdened by the weight of my inadequacies, my unsureness and my sins?

They do

Imagine holding a living human heart in your hands.

In all its gore and glory.

It thumps sitting in your hands. Beats.

Now imagine tearing it to shreds.

Do you think everyone in this world is pleasant and sweet like a honeydew melon?

They aren’t

But there are a few

A smile breaks a beat in my chest

But let me tell you my secret, my friend

I picked up the shredded pieces and shoved them back into the chamber

I stood up

I asked

I glorified

I prostrated

And in that little place where my head rested upon the ground

Everything on my shoulders fell away from me

It seemed like a little place

But the reality is

That it’s the largest place

In holy existence

My place of belonging

They wanted to build a house

Build a home

But He already built one for me in the sky

And for now

I am earning it.