Some thoughts that were borne out of a conversation I had with a dear friend and sister today…

What is real everlasting love?

In a word: unconditional.

In many more words as is my usual style…

You are a multidimensional being, you will do things and think differently to me but if I love you, you don’t have to explain anything to me.

You can explain it to me or choose not to explain it to me, none of it changes my love for you. The things which would alter my love for you are cut infinitely deeper and go beyond your appearance or personal choices. If my love were based on the fabric that enveloped you or the length of your hair then I would possess only the weakest most easily destructible type of love.

I am thankful for a heart that can only love from the inside out; that is the kind of love that is unbreakable, powerful, indestructible and stands by you whether you are bald, whether you are covered, whether you are black, white or every God-made shade in-between.

Love can only be weak and self destructive if it is governed upon surface level affection and agreement. Once you have seen and loved the innards of a person through their character and behaviour, you can only see them as a vessel of goodness and it wouldn’t matter one jot what they looked like or whether all their opinions matched yours.

It takes me time to love because it takes you time to show all the colours of your heart but know this much; when I love it won’t stop if we disagree, it won’t stop if you change your hair colour or shave it all off, it won’t stop if you move across the seven seas or transcend the seven skies.

If you love at all, love from the juicy apple core of your heart but don’t bother at all if it’s just with the apples in your eyes.

An apple core rots when it is left outside; it lives much longer when it’s inside.

This is what it means to me when people say “love big or go home”. I can’t go home when I’ve already prepaid the rent.

The foundations of everlasting love are not like a tent that flutters and shakes even in the lightest desert breeze.

The foundations of true love are like the core of the earth that remains centred regardless of the earthquakes and tempests that weather upon its surface.